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here with the assistance of my friend there will be polls, image galleries, info on the characters, fan fic, fan art you can supply XD have fun!

Spinnel Sun: i m the second webmistress here Keroberes is the main webmistress if you want to talk with any of us you may go to contact the dark Celestial star on the navigation bar. please help us make this site better especially with keroberes in charge

i have updated the groups gallery, i have also added more pages. i am still working on soem other things like getting music on this page -.- well please send me e-mails any e-mails any time ^^''

i have added the clow quest i am still planting the cards at random but the card captors will find soem with ease. i also want to tell you that i will be adding a guest book to my site this guest book will be a Little help but it'll go a long way thank you goodbye!
>> i have finished the Clow Quest the cards are out there so good luck if you have any questions e-mail me please ^^

Watashi Wa Cerebus-sensei Konbanwa and Konnichiwa

i have added soem pictures to the Sakura gallery i am still working on it though.  i have also fixed the annoying thinga at the bottome of the page that said soemthing like enter subhead content here i got rid of that -.-, i got the fan art section put up so the fan section is open. i added new sectons as you can see -.-'' and that's all i believe
updates: 04/07/02
i added some music to the main page and i will continue to add more music ^^ i am working on a Music page so you can have the music i have put up ^^ aren't i so nice
Spinner: yeah right -.-
back to updates i have added some more pictures to the sakura page and there are mroe to come! the message boards are down because Spinner got her site deleted -.- but they should be back up i'll hae to change the addresses for everything that connects to Spinner's site that should do it for today g'day to you or as they say in Japan Syonara Minna-san

Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at: